Former Bihar Chief Minister, Lalu Prasad recently said that the present government in Bihar is not a “double engine” but a “trouble engine”. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi claims during Bihar state election campaign that for faster and rapid economic growth, double engine government is must meaning by that same party government in states and National level. This argument sometimes appears to be good as many a times frictions arises in implementing the crucial social and economic reforms. Prime Minister also emphasises on “cooperative federalism” which means states and center should cooperate to each other and ensure the inclusive growth and development of the states and the country irrespective of the parties in power at state and central level. That will entail the overall development of the people of the country. However, both the terms are contradictory to each other.

We need to understand that Indian Constitution prescribes a quasi-federal form of governance which means states do not have much autonomy and resources to run independently. Much powers and resources lies with central government and administration of these is not always transparent. States keeps on raising their voices on these issues from time to time. Our Constitution framers might have envisaged a strong center but the time is changing very fast and the real power should vest with the local people. The state governments and the local administration should be strengthened and must be given more autonomy to raise their resources. The maximum share of the resources should be held back at local government level. When the people are empowered and get the work and redressal done at local level, they will not look at top level for some “mi-baap” favour. Then the true democracy of governance for the people, by the people and of the people, the dream of our freedom fighters will be fulfilled. In that case, there will not be any requirement of double or triple engine government rather one powerful engine for any government will do.

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