Tejashvi Yadav, the Chief Ministerial candidate of Mahagathbandhan when declares his promise to provide 10 lakh jobs in his first cabinet meet and with his first signature, public roars back during the election rallies. Why this 10 lakh jobs has become buzz word in Bihar recent election campaign. There is a need to understand this desperate expectation of Bihar mass population. Everywhere in the globe, people require regular income with social security so that they can live with dignity. This is more required in Bihar where most of the people are landless and have no regular income. Bihar has the highest unemployment rate in the country and far below the national average of employment.The migration of Bihari labourers is one of the highest in the country. COVID 19 situation had made these migrants life miserable where their contractual employment, temporary jobs had gone. They left back to their home on feet during COVID lockdown without government help. So much casualties and hopelessness of these reverse migrants were widely reported on all the forums. Now, they see ray of hope in Tejashvi’s promise and some continuity in their income.

Bihar is a land of talented and hardworking people. Almost all Bihari dream to prepare for competition and get the secured jobs. They take the risk to go far away in search of good jobs and better life. Many excel in almost all the highly competitive exams. But these are not sufficient until job market is flourished in back home. The current trend of the governments at all levels is to reduce the regular jobs, cut administrative cost and outsource the services on contract basis. These jobs are often on contractual and on year to year basis and does not create a sense of social security and the job satisfaction is a distant dream. Other government schemes, like, MGNREGA etc. only producing labourers which do not provide sense of security.

The government needs to provide regular gainful jobs to its eligible people for inclusive growth and sustainable development of the country. All the government social programmes focus on poverty reduction and its elimination but unless they are able to provide regular income, social security, self reliant, the sense of dignity will never come. Expectations of the youth particularly, contractual teachers etc. in Bihar, is very high in this election and time will tell that their hope will see the light of day or not.

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