Average of all the pollsters predicts RJD+ slight edge over NDA and predicting 124 seats for opposition and 110 seats for the ruling dispensation, LJP 6 and others 10 in Bihar election 2020. To reach magic mark, aspiring alliance will need 122 out of 243 total assembly seats. This is only prediction and many a times it goes against the opinions of exit polls. There is a huge difference of opinions between the two exit polls. For example, as per CNN News 18-Todays Chanakya, NDA, MGB, LJP and others will get 55, 180, 0 and 8 respectively. However, as per Dainik Bhaskar, NDA, MGB, LJP and others will get 120-127, 71-81, 12-23 and 19-27 respectively.

There were several factors during the election as there was no clear message to the voters about the joint fight from NDA side as LJP contested separately more against JD(U) rather than the BJP. Some media channels also reported that there was some incumbency factor against Nitish Kumar and sometimes he lost his temper during the campaign as against his nature. RJD displayed somehow unified fight and the slogan of providing 10 lakh jobs in the first Cabinet meet was able to pull the crowd and excitement particularly among youth. The migrant problems during the lockdown and flood mismanagement were also much talked about.

This is the first state election fought in India during the COVID 19 pandemic. All eyes are on 10th Nov 2020, counting day where months long campaign’s result will be out. This will set the fate of Bihar politics for the next five years.

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