That we should not idolize government as they are mere people representatives and people make them by the power of voting. Change is the universal truth in democracy.

We should elect government to work on real social and economical issues not for their hate policy.

We should not discriminate people on the basis of place of birth, caste, race, religion and gender.

We need to respect diversity, unite the people and not to divide.

We must ensure the integrity, transparency and accountability of our institutions, like, election body, media, judiciary and other regulators so that they should not crumble before tyranny of majority.

India need to strengthen its local administration through greater autonomy under the overall federal structure. Too much centralisation of power is bad for the good governance.

Educated and good people should enter into the politics without any fear. This will decriminalise the politics and the government. The rule of law will prevail in the country.

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