The High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) is as the name suggests, is made for the purpose of high security of vehicles and it is now mandatory for all vehicles in India after the new amendment of Central Motor Vehicle Rules of 1989, and directive from Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). According to it, all vehicles which is sold on or after April 1, 2019 are coming with pre-fitted HSRP, the price of which is included in the price of vehicle but the vehicles which were sold before April 1,2019 will have to get replaced their conventional licence plates with HSRP and colour coded third registration plate stickers after the surrender of their existing licence plate.

The high security registration plate is made of aluminium with hot stamped chromium hologram bearing the image of ‘ Chakra’ in blue color on the top left corner and 10 digit PIN on bottom left corner.The letters / numerals are hot stamped with a specialized hot stamping foil bearing the inscription “India” in blue colour. The type of ink used for this inscription is based on pearlescent pigments which causes the change in colour of the product while viewing from different viewing angles. It is affixed with two non-reusable snap-on locks.

The color coded sticker, also known as third registration plate sticker is a self destructive type chromium-based hologram sticker of 100 mm X 60 mm. It is to be affixed on the inner side of the bottom left corner of a vehicle’s windshield.The background colour of a colour-coded sticker is supposed to indicate the vehicle’s fuel type — Light Blue for petrol and CNG vehicles while Orange for diesel vehicles. A colour-coded sticker will also have a chromium-based embedded hologram and will contain the following information:

Name of registrering authority, Registration number of the vehicle embedded on the bottom left side of the sticker, laser branded permanent identification number (PIN) on the bottom left side of the sticker and date of first registration of the vehicle.

Colour coded sticker.png

The HSRP and colour coded sticker have following benefits:

It helps in standardization of the number plate display format across the country.

To digitize data for all vehicles under a unified central body, i.e. the NIC (National Informatics Centre)

To prevent thefts of vehicles and vehicle borne crime since HSRPs could only be issued by the local Registering Authority after due verification.

To make the Registration Plates Uniform for different vehicles so that new technologies like Laser Identification Recognition Readers can be introduced at a later date.

To regulate the issuance of Registration Plates so that illegal plates cannot be sold and distributed by miscreants.

Improvement of the security scenario in the State by assisting law enforcing authorities in tackling road related crimes.

The HSRP can be obtained from the authorised dealer from where the vehicle was purchased or from RTO office. One can apply for it online in the following site,

The HSRP and colour coded sticker will have the warranty of 5 year.

The price of HSRP is not fixed and may vary from state to state and will depend on vehicle type, however its likely to be cost around Rs 400 for two wheelers, and 1100 for four wheelers (depending upon vehicle category).

The fine for not having HSRP would likely to between Rs 5,000- 10,000. The last date to have HSRP and colour coded sticker is yet to be notified.

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