A model of the proposed new Parliament building, Credit: PTI. 

The Narendra Modi Government’s dream project Central Vista Project(CVP) is in much news now a days. This project aims to renovate, redesign and redevelop Lutyen’s Delhi where landmark structures like, Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhawan, North and South Blocks, India Gate, Rail Bhawan, Krishi Bhawan, Shastri Bhawan, Udyog Bhawan, Nirman Bhawan etc. exist. The main feature of the project includes triangular Parliament House, a common secretariat for central government Ministries/Departments, PMO and residence, SPG office and Vice-President Enclave. It will cover 86 acres of areas.

The Modi Government announced this project on 13th Sept 2019 with an estimated cost of Rs 13,450 cr. The existing buildings are said to be very old and not resistant to earthquake and insufficient to accommodate all Central Government offices. The project proposes to build 10 buildings which can accommodate all the government offices with under ground transit connectivity. In this process, many old buildings will be demolished including Jawaharlal Nehru Bhawan which is the newest among them and a green building.

Modi Government is in hurry to complete the project and said that the new Parliament will symbolise 75th Independence Day of India in 2022. Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the Parliament Building on 10th of December after Supreme Court’s permission. Later on 5th Jan 2021, SC dismissed all the petitions with 2-1 majority filed against Central Vista Project and gave green signal to the Government finally. Majority decision stressed that CVP is a policy domain where Constitutional Court must not interfere. However, Justice Sanjeev Khanna expressed his dissent on the aspects of public participation on interpretation of the statutory provisions and failure to take prior approval of Heritage Conservation Committee and the order passed by Expert Appraisal Committee.

Now the time will tell, this new Parliament Building fulfils people’s aspirations or the Modi Government’s another dream to public during COVID 19 pandemic.

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