Central Vista Project: New Parliament of India?

The Narendra Modi Government’s dream project Central Vista Project(CVP) is in much news now a days. This project aims to renovate, redesign and redevelop Lutyen’s Delhi where landmark structures like, Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhawan, North and South Blocks, India Gate, Rail Bhawan, Krishi Bhawan, Shastri Bhawan, Udyog Bhawan, Nirman Bhawan etc. exist. The main feature […]

Now pensioners can submit life certificate from the comfort of their home by doorstep service

One of the major requisite for the pensioners post their retirement from service, is to provide life certificates to the authorized pension disbursing agencies like Banks,Post offices etc., following which their pension is credited to their account. In order to get this life certificate the individual drawing the pension is required to either personally present […]

What we Indians need to learn from US election and Americans.

That we should not idolize government as they are mere people representatives and people make them by the power of voting. Change is the universal truth in democracy. We should elect government to work on real social and economical issues not for their hate policy. We should not discriminate people on the basis of place […]


Average of all the pollsters predicts RJD+ slight edge over NDA and predicting 124 seats for opposition and 110 seats for the ruling dispensation, LJP 6 and others 10 in Bihar election 2020. To reach magic mark, aspiring alliance will need 122 out of 243 total assembly seats. This is only prediction and many a […]

Why registration of marriage should be compulsory ?

In India, the provision of registration of marriage is different for different religion and states e.g. there are four statues, which provide for compulsory registration of marriages. They are: (1) The Bombay Registration of Marriages Act, 1953 (applicable to Maharashtra and Gujarat ), (2) The Karnataka Marriages act, 1976, (3) The Himachal Pradesh Registration of […]


Tejashvi Yadav, the Chief Ministerial candidate of Mahagathbandhan when declares his promise to provide 10 lakh jobs in his first cabinet meet and with his first signature, public roars back during the election rallies. Why this 10 lakh jobs has become buzz word in Bihar recent election campaign. There is a need to understand this […]


Rule of law is a fundamental requirement of any civilised society and dignified life. Equality before law enshrined in Article 14 of Indian Constitution is the bedrock of rule of law in the country. But often we hear the arbitrary use of rules, regulations by the ‘state’. This arbitrariness shakes the very foundation of rule […]


Former Bihar Chief Minister, Lalu Prasad recently said that the present government in Bihar is not a “double engine” but a “trouble engine”. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi claims during Bihar state election campaign that for faster and rapid economic growth, double engine government is must meaning by that same party government in states and National […]

Conditions for Hindus to be married under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

A marriage between any two Hindus are valid only if the following conditions are fulfilled, namely:— (i) neither party has a spouse living at the time of the marriage; (ii) at the time of the marriage, neither party— (a) is incapable of giving a valid consent to it in consequence of unsoundness of mind; or […]


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